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G3778 HYSTER H 2.5 FT Details  

Manufacturer: HYSTER

Type: H 2.5 FT

YOM: 2011

G6244 HYSTER H 3.0 FT  LPG Details  

Manufacturer: HYSTER

Type: H 3.0 FT LPG

YOM: 2008

O6053 LINDE H 30 T  393 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: H 30 T 393

YOM: 2006

B9623 LINDE H 25 D  392 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: H 25 D 392

YOM: 2004

B2566 LINDE E 25-01  387 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: E 25-01 387

YOM: 2012

I9261 LINDE E 20-01  387 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: E 20-01 387

YOM: 2011

J5854 LINDE E 16 H-01  386 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: E 16 H-01 386

YOM: 2011

U7482 LINDE E 30-03  336 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: E 30-03 336

YOM: 2010

Z6854 LINDE E 16 L-01  386 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: E 16 L-01 386

YOM: 2010

K3316 LINDE E 16-02  335 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: E 16-02 335

YOM: 2006

D8494 LINDE R 16  115 Details  

Manufacturer: LINDE

Type: R 16 115

YOM: 2005

Y4018 JUNGHEINRICH EFG 115 SP G+E-450DZ Details  

Manufacturer: JUNGHEINRICH

Type: EFG 115 SP G+E-450DZ

YOM: 2009

H2592 JUNGHEINRICH EFG 216 Details  

Manufacturer: JUNGHEINRICH

Type: EFG 216

YOM: 2008

R3449 JUNGHEINRICH EFG 113  MP GE-550DZ Details  

Manufacturer: JUNGHEINRICH

Type: EFG 113 MP GE-550DZ

YOM: 2008

Y1327 TOYOTA 7 FBESF 15 Details  

Manufacturer: TOYOTA

Type: 7 FBESF 15

YOM: 2001

Special offers

U4930 BT SRE 135 L Details  

Manufacturer: BT

Type: SRE 135 L

YOM: 2009

F6228 JUNGHEINRICH ESD 120 G119-166ZT Details  

Manufacturer: JUNGHEINRICH

Type: ESD 120 G119-166ZT

YOM: 2008

Y9804 ROCLA F 14 C  TXFL6300 Details  

Manufacturer: ROCLA

Type: F 14 C TXFL6300

YOM: 2002

Y3730 JUNGHEINRICH EFG 316k  G120-300ZZ Details  

Manufacturer: JUNGHEINRICH

Type: EFG 316k G120-300ZZ

YOM: 2010

T3908 JUNGHEINRICH TFG 16 Details  

Manufacturer: JUNGHEINRICH

Type: TFG 16

YOM: 1996

X4863 STILL RX 70-16T  7314 Details  

Manufacturer: STILL

Type: RX 70-16T 7314

YOM: 2011

G4588 KOMATSU FB 25 H-1R Details  

Manufacturer: KOMATSU

Type: FB 25 H-1R

YOM: 2003

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About us

About us – Richter Gabelstapler introduce itself

Our family-owned company founded in 1968 and is these days one of the leading second hand forklift dealer worldwide located in Stuhr near Bremen. Approximately 50 employees are working for our multilingual trained team consisting of long-term employees as well as trainees.

Our core business is the international trade and every year we export more than 2000 second hand forklifts to the whole world. And also for our national customer base, the portfolio of Richter Gabelstapler provides a lot of further advantages. Next to the sales of second hand forklifts we expanded our mainstays through the years because of the increased demand by our customers.

If you like to hire a truck and additional equipments our rental departement offers a wide range of forklifts which can be delivered to their destination by our logistic derpartement. Our workshop team handles any type of repair-, service- and maintenance works and all spare parts you receive directly from our stock. For your personal purchase of attachments, spare parts and much more our Onlineshop offers a wide range of products. Furthermore our range of services included specific trainings to acquire the driving licence of forklifts, telehandler and platforms.

Have a look at the following pages to inform yourself about our portfolio or contact our employees directly.

We are pleased to create and satisfy your needs – Your team of Richter Gabelstapler



Workshopservice for forklifts

We execute all repair-, service-, and maintenance work at forklifts of all manufacturers and building types by a fair price-performance ratio.
As well for your custom-made production we are the convenient contact.

Profit by our longtime and independent of manufacture trained workshopteam, a plurality of well appointet service-cars for a operation at your place and a extensive stock range of spare parts.

All extensive repair-, service-, and maintenance works we execute in our in-house workshop. If required, our transport departement will organise the transport of your forklift to our workshop.
To avoid possible downtime costs during the repair, our rental dapartement provide a substitute device.

Workshopservice for forklifts, telehandler, platforms and much more – inform yourself in our area workshopservice.

Everything from a single source – Richter Gabelstapler think along with you.



Transport – fast and flexible logistics

Our transport departement is specialised in fast and flexible logistic for national-, as well for international territory. Forklifts and platforms will transported under best conditions by profitable terms.

For international transports our multilingual team will assist for a professional coordination.

In our environs, we transport partial loads and full loads as well as each brand and each type of construction.
Our experience drivers of our low-loader are trained in cargo securing and have a current driving licence for all kind of forklifts. That way our well trained qualified personnel can transport your truck safely and reliable right from the start.

See for yourself and request for a qoute by using the form in our area logistic.

Fast, safely and simple – Richter Gabelstapler brings your trucks to their destination.


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